Siding and Trim Repair | Replacement

Have roger repair or replace your damaged siding and trim

Have you lost pieces of siding to wind and weather? Have you noticed areas where loose or damaged shingles or clapboard may be causing dry rot? Was your siding installed with the proper building techniques and high-performance weather-resistant products? Is your siding effectively protecting your Cape area home, garage or outbuilding from the elements? If your answer to any of these is “yes,” it may be time for repair or replacement.

Damaged shingles or clapboard can cause serious problems by creating entry points for moisture. These entry points can lead to water damage and dry rot that weaken and damage your homes structure. Roger Byam is Cape Cod’s foremost exterior contractor when it comes to shingle or clapboard repairs and repairing damaged structure. Whereas some contractors or handyman companies are only interested in full siding replacements, Roger has made a name for himself as the person to go to for exterior shingle, clapboard and trim repair and replacement. Why pay for a full replacement if a repair is all that’s necessary? Roger can handle any other issues he may uncover too, such as structure damage and dry rot.

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